Night Carnival - Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Night Carnival

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  • Release Date: 2016-01-21
  • Genre: Horror


The Night Carnival waited for Angela through the woods down in the meadow on that rainy autumn night among the creeping fog. It’d been calling her her whole life but she hadn’t heard it until now. A widow whose life now holds little meaning, she’d come home after many years to dispose of her dead mother’s house and possessions. Alone.
Walking among the eerie assortment of skill-game booths and tattered tents she’s strangely drawn in by the eerie calliope music and the mesmerizing inhabitants of a carnival the likes she’s never seen before. The carousel is alive with demonic steeds flashing their hooves. There are wraith like luminescent creatures lurking in the shadows along the midway; the Ferris wheel, aglow with thousands of twinkling lights, moves without human hands to control it, and the animals, lions, tigers and elephants, in the main ring have no human trainers. They’re much larger than they should be and seem to float.
Then there are the sad-faced clowns who manipulate the crowds with only their eyes and minds.
They and the other carnies are vampires. One–ancient, powerful, their leader Dominic–has been waiting for her…to make her his forever.
He offers her what she’s never had before. Love. But is she willing to give up her humanity for this creature of the night; join her life to his and live among the vampires and shape shifters of the traveling carnival for eternity? Could she be happy as one of them?
Is she willing to die for him?