Possession - Helen Hardt


By Helen Hardt

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 1,206 Ratings)


Editorial Reviews

"Sorry Christian and Gideon, there’s a new heartthrob for you to contend with. Meet Talon. Talon Steel." 

"Possession brings Talon Steel's story to a conclusion, wrapping up a thrilling mystery intertwined with some amazingly hot sex scenes... the buildup to the protagonists discovery keeps the pages moving at a rapid-fire pace. "
-RT Book Reviews

"I'm dead from the strongest book hangover ever. Helen exceeded every expectation I had for this book. It was heart pounding, heartbreaking, intense, full throttle genius. "
-Tina at Bookalicious Babes Blog

"WOAH. Helen Hardt has truly blown me away with this series. It is dark, emotional, intense, horrifying, and utterly beautiful all mixed together. "
-Pretty Little Book Reviews

"Such a beautiful torment - the waiting, the anticipation, the relief that only comes briefly before more questions arise, and the wait begins again... Check. Mate. Ms. Hardt..."
-Bare Naked Words

"The love scenes are beautifully written and so scorching hot I’m fanning my face just thinking about them."
-The Book Sirens


Jade Roberts’s love for Talon Steel is the real deal, and she’s more determined than ever to help him come to grips with whatever is haunting him. To that end, she continues her investigation of the Steels…and unknowingly attracts some dangerous foes from their shrouded history.

Talon loves Jade deeply and longs to possess her forever, so he faces his worst fears and exposes his rawest wounds in an attempt to heal. The road is icy and treacherous, but if he perseveres and comes out whole on the other side, he’ll finally be worthy of Jade’s love.

The untamed passion between the two still blazes, but as the  horrors of Talon’s past resurface, Jade and Talon aren’t safe…


  • 1/2 a story

    By Ms NOD
    I’m really into the series about the Steels; however this story ends with half of the book going on to start a new story (Blood Saga). I was very disappointed about that. I didn’t pay for the Blood Saga; I paid for the Steel series.
  • Still reading!

    By Meeks146
    I love these books because of the mystery and storyline and character development! She definitely keeps you wanting more. I’m reading them all for the second time now! That being said, I could really do without the hardcore bedroom scenes which become redundant. Some of it is just so over the top. Also the nickname “blue eyes” was overused. Gag. And there are several times when I want to strangle Jade for being such a pushover but other than that, I love this Steel Family!!! Hahahaaaa!
  • Loved this book

    By Rsands87
    The answers that he’s looking for are coming to him from different directions and its up to him to take them. Can he solve the trauma from his childhood while still being open to a relationship? Or will he push her away just because he doesn’t want to bring her down that dark path? Talon feels undeserving of love and it makes you love him even more. Once all of the problems of his past are solved does he move on or will it always haunt him? Read on to find out. It’s definitely worth reading.
  • Love Love Love this Series!!!!

    By Sassymomma210
    Another fabulous book in this series!!! A must read!!!
  • Loved it!!!

    By reneeleanne14
    I’m a picky reader but this book was amazing! As well as the first ones! Not only was it romantic and steamy but suspenseful as well! I couldn’t put it down! Beats Fifty Shades by a long shot!
  • Possession

    By 9764June
    Great story of what we can actually live thru and overcome.
  • Best of the three

    By ElevateAddict
    Best of the first three in this series. You don’t have to search for the story. This one made me want to keep reading! However, the ending left in the middle of the story.
  • Almost perfect

    By jrierson
    I was addicted to reading these books, BUT..... the story is drug out, so they can get you to buy the additional books. I just finished book 3 and thinking I can guess the ending without buying anymore.😔
  • Helen Heart

    By SarahW1973
    I’m on your second book about the Steel boy Ranchers, Obsession! OMG! I couldn’t afford to but I bought the 2nd book, I’ve been so intrigued I read both books In 1-1/2 days! Your an incredible author! As soon as I can afford it🙄”Sorry” I will be reading more! Every page I read so fast to get to the next! Thank you! And I hope to be reading the next ASAP! Thank You Again! Although my boyfriend might not be so happy with the house (Been reading all day!) when he gets home! I’ve never read a book I couldn’t put down! And I couldn’t stop reading! You are definitely talented!
  • Terrible Ending

    By Anner 24
    What a crappy ending to what was a great series about Talon. I was left with so many unanswered questions. If I knew it would end like this I would not have invested my time and money in these 3 books!!