Mind Vision - W.C. Blackmon

Mind Vision

By W.C. Blackmon

  • Release Date: 2016-01-28
  • Genre: Poetry


Mind Vision begins with the sharing of a significant life change which served as a major catalyst for redirecting the author’s own life, and then flows into prose, poetry, and meaningful sensible quotations that help to guide readers into and through real life concerns such as the importance of effective communication, relationships of love, friendship, and parenting, as well as the necessity for self-understanding. Mind Vision not only teaches that goals and-or dreams are attainable, but take that next step by providing real life (living) situations to show how such is accomplished in spite of barriers or prognosticated percentages.
In “Mind Vision,” one has in hand a book that with the sharing of a few words can easily become a true friend; one that can be reliably depended upon for wisdom, guidance, inspiration, encouragement, entertainment, and introspection by way of understanding throughout the living of life.