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You Can Heal Your Life: by Louise L. Hay Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


You Can Heal Your Life: by Louise L. Hay | Summary & Analysis

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You Can Heal Your Life is a spiritual book written by Louise L. Hay, and published in 1984. In her book, L. Hay sends a general message to everybody that almost anything can be healed, if we are ready and willing to do the mental work. The author’s work in this book is impeccably awesome, the way she poured out her writing ability and experience of how she managed to get rid of cancer, simply by shaping her own thinking. Artist Joan Falquet diligently worked out to improve the quality of this book, when she republished it to incorporate clear, beautiful illustrations in full, the exact message of positive thought and self-love are made clear. 

This book is a timely message directed to all those who are mentally disturbed and demoralized by serious, chronic diseases like cancer. You Can Heal Your Life explains how several ailments are emotionally caused, and also explains the corresponding affirmation to help in treating and getting rid of the disease. This book greatly helps to turn lives around, to change depression into happiness, and to give a new hope to all those who think they have been overwhelmed by certain health conditions. 

Only those who are not interested in hearing the truth will neglect this book. The information contained in this book is a spiritual food to those affected by heath anomalies, to reassure them that they can, and will get rid of the situation. Buying this book simply means you are ready to feed yourself with the truth and cure your mind. 

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