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The Martian: By Andy Weir | Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Adventure


The Martian: by Andy Weir | Summary & Analysis

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Few individuals get the opportunity to float through the realms of outer space, even few to reach the atmosphere of the red dusted body of Mars. Mark Watney, one of the privileged astronauts to ever probe the planet of Mars took this expedition in hopes of making history. He could never imagined that what would be his first step on this planet might lead to this being his everlasting rest place. 

A terrible dust storm on unknown terrain forces his crew to evacuate leaving him to be consumed by the elements. Left for dead, Mark goes into survival mode realizing that he is in grave danger. With no source of communication to his crew or earth his cries for help are futile and go unanswered. His life at stake and limited supplies this tale of was going to be a heroic act for mankind, started to fade grim. 

History was in the making but Mark wasn’t going to let it be recorded with him not giving a fight. Would Mark be the first man to die on Mars? With his great ingenuity and engineering skill set, his determination to survive to tell his tale, and the hope to be reunited with family and friends, Mark takes one small step man and giant leap for mankind and becomes the first Martian. 

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