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The Purpose Driven Life: by Rick Warren | Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Christianity


The Purpose Driven Life: by Rick Warren | Summary & Analysis

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This is both a spiritual and inspirational book written by Dr. Rick Warren. In publishing history, The Purpose Driven Life has been named the bestselling non-fiction book by Publisher Weekly, after selling more than 32 million copies. Dr. Rick is a whole round man by virtue that he is a pastor, global strategist, author, philanthropist, and theologian. The book The Purpose Driven Life reveals that nothing happens accidentally in our lives, and that every event taking placed was preplanned and predetermined by our creator (God). Warren points out clearly that we should stop questioning how God will help us achieve on our life plans, and instead question what our lives can do to God’s plan. The book is intellectually written in the most educative and encouraging manner. 

The Purpose Driven Life will help readers to revitalize our trust in God and cultivate their desire for complete worshipfulness. This book is highly recommended to anybody with at least Christian teachings. Organized in different chapters like discipleship, fellowship, ministry and mission, the book delivers its message in the most precise and concise manner. All in all, this book generally encourages, rekindles our lost happiness and strengthens our faith in God. 

Although The Purpose Driven Life is not exactly talking about how to strategize on economic activities in order to accumulate wealth, it explains how we can accumulate success by adhering to God’s plans. This book would have a great impact to the readers’ lives. It brings new hope to and encourages Christians to worship their God. If you care about your spiritual growth, this book is worth buying. 

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