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The Guilty: by David Baldacci | Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


The Guilty: by David Baldacci | Summary & Analysis

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The Guilty, fourth book in the series, published in November 2015 is a first-class action thriller story of government extraordinaire assassin - Will Robie. Written by David Baldacci, considered as America's great literary talent; the author has done a superb work with this book. The book is critically considered to be the best of David Baldacci work so far. In The Guilty, author has taken the series to a newer height by adding a personal touch yet not diluting suspense from the story. The story goes back to the Will’s past. His tense relations with his father, the palpable bond between Robie and Reel, dynamic shift in relations, and many twists, and a remarkable climax are the key highlights of the book. 

David Baldacci is a stellar storyteller. The book shall not disappoint Baldacci fans, and if you are a first-time reader of Baldacci’s work, the book has all the elements to keep you hooked. Author’s style of describing action sequences is worth mentioning. The Guilty takes you on an adventurous journey, the story flows deftly, and on completion of the book, there are high chances you are flipping back pages to recollect the clues left by the author throughout the book. 

Shifting relationships, shocking turns, dead ends, unexpected reveals, double-twist climax, all wonderfully interweaved to give newer dimension to Robie’s character. Book has every feature to impress its reader. It is a highly recommended read for everyone. Order a copy for yourself or gift to someone special! 

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