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Orphan Train: by Christina Baker Kline Summary & Analysis

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  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Literary


Orphan Train: by Christina Baker Kline | Summary &Analysis

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Molly Ayer is getting close to being too old for the foster care system. Amidst all the uncertainties in her life, she found a community service position to assist an elderly woman, Vivian, clean out her home. The only thing keeping her out from juvie, sorting through Vivian’s belongings and memories brought a sudden realization in Molly’s mind: that she and Vivian are similar in so many ways. Being a Penobscot Indian herself, Molly sees her journey and struggle in Vivian’s earlier age where she was put on a train filled with hundreds of children to the Midwest, full of uncertainties and luck for her future. 

“Orphan Train” seeks to entice the readers in feeling Molly’s life struggles where she kept her grace and strength despite of everything. Alluding to the mostly secret part of history, Kline draws attention to Minnesota’s Depression era while covering a rarely discussed portion of American history. This book teaches the reader to stay put through loss, while maintaining adaptability and courage. All and all, Orphan Train provides a comparison between American past and present portrayed through two steadfast, courageous women. 

Superbly composed and incredibly moving, Orphan Train captures the heart and mind of the readers through the intensity of Molly and Vivian’s journey. Intriguing, warm, and inspirational, the intertwined tales of these two strong women will definitely please readers who are looking for an inspirational new read. Definitely a must read for the years to come. Grab your copy in Amazon now. 

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