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Stars of Fortune: by Nora Roberts | Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
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Stars of Fortune: by Nora Roberts | Summary & Analysis

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Author Nora Roberts has already written over 200 books in this genre, of fantasy/romance. She is a prolific writer and as this is the first of a trilogy, her fans will be eager for more. Her fans stay loyal because while the books are on the same themes, her characters are beguiling , her dialogue pacey, and of course there is plenty of love and sex. 

This book is yet another tale of the battle of good and evil, but it is fresh and vibrant. The three special Stars which will ensure a reign of peace in the world for seven hundred years, the Stars of Fire, Ice and Water, have not been hung onto the Moon securely enough! If they fall into the wrong hands (of the evil Goddess Nerezza) the light of the Moon wil go out and darkness will be absolute. 

Sasha, the heroine of this first novel of the trilogy, knows nothing of this. She only knows that her dreams and visions are leading her to the island of Crete. Here she meets the other five characters with whom she will go on the quest. She recognises them , for they are the ones she has seen in her visions. They have each got special powers , and knowledge of the Star. She has a steep learning curve, to discover their natures and abilities,which are slowly revealed, and to hold the group together for what is ahead. Together this group must overcome fearful threats and terrors. They do this through their mutual trust and unity, and it is Sasha who keeps them together. 

The romance with Bran, the magician she has seen in her dreams, keeps the interest. There are three couples, each couple and their relationship will be featured in a different book of the trilogy. Doubtless the Stars will be saved, the world will be saved , and all will be well. And we will have had a delightful read along the way. 

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