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Blackout: by Sarah Hepola | Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


Blackout: by Sarah Hepola | Summary & Analysis

A Smarter You In 15 Minutes… What is your time worth?

Sarah Hepola spent most of her evenings in dark bars or at cocktail parties. She proudly stood until the last call where drinking served as her true expression of freedom. Portraying a strong, independent, and glamorous twenty first century female, for her alcohol was “the gasoline” for all of her adventures. Nevertheless, all the glam and glow required her to pay the ultimate price: blacking out. 

Told in a manner that is poignant and humorous but honest, Sarah Hepola inspires readers by telling her about the story of a woman who strived into a new kind of adventure she has never wanted before – a sober life. Trying to find the light to end her blackouts, she managed to save herself from the disaster that she brought to herself. Her meaningless nights where she could not remember anything are now gone, and her tale of being forced to change will bring motivation to anyone who has been in a similar position. Simply encouraging and refreshing, this book Blackout brings out the light in giving up the things that love the most, but definitely are bad for you. 

A memoir written by Sarah Hepola herself, this book Blackout is heartbreakingly honest and brave. Sharing her terrible experiences with a lot of readers, Hepola is in the pursuit of helping people to get out from the black hole of alcohol abuse. A must have for people who are dealing with alcohol abuse, or for people who want to support their loved ones in fighting against alcohol abuse. So grab your Blackout copy and know how you could deal easily with alcohol abuse! 

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