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Quiet: by Susan Cain | Summary & Analysis

By Elite Summaries

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
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Quiet: by Susan Cain | Summary & Analysis

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In our media and celebrity and socially obsessed world where even world leaders indulge in ‘selfies’, one can be forgiven for thinking that everyone is an extrovert, or tries to be. Everyone tries to be more popular, have more friends, be more visible or just tries to gain more media attention than the next person. And if you don’t, if you are not visible or voluble, it seems as though you are misunderstood, irrelevant and undervalued says Susan Cain in her thought provoking book ‘Quiet’. 

A Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, Quiet explores the fact that most people are either extrovert or introvert, and how those introverts struggle in a modern world that relegates them to obscurity. She draws on real life examples of people such as Rosa Parks, a mild mannered and quiet person who triggered huge change for the rights of black people in America which resulted in Martin Luther King’s (an extrovert) ‘I have a dream’ speech. 

Susan Cain, founder The Negotiation Company based in New York, provides tools in her book for those thoughtful and sensitive ‘introverted’ people to better understand themselves, many of whom have changed our world. Without them we would not have The Theory of Relativity, Apple, Google, Schindler’s List, E.T. or Van Gough’s Sunflowers. 

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