Tennis with God - Brian Cox

Tennis with God

By Brian Cox

  • Release Date: 2017-06-20
  • Genre: Spirituality


Cox delivers an intriguing life story that depicts Eastern spiritual practice as a tonic to Western culture He also arrestingly describes his own spiritual experiences on the path to enlightenment Kirkus Reviews

Through it all, tennis plays an important role physically and spiritually, and lovers of that sport will grasp both the reality and the metaphor through the authors accountshe also provides welcome splashes of humor Self-Publishing Review

Enjoy a courtside seat as Brian Cox swings his tennis racket from hazardous war zones to the ashram of a Himalayan guru, and eventually to Mount Shasta, an area known for its occult legends. In Tennis with God, Brian, a globetrotting Foreign Service brat, travels with his family through hardship posts in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.
Along the way, high-level tennis and table tennis are his faithful companions, as Brian perfects his game and aims to earn the respect and acceptance of his overbearing father. During his journey, Brian becomes fascinated by spiritual knowledge and the paranormal. His search for self-realization eventually leads him to a mystical healer who demonstrates miracles and has no patience for rules. Under this teachers unique tutelage, Cox begins to transform himself as he seeks to find a way to heal his relationship with his father, and with himself as well.
Tennis with God combines the spirit of the travel writings of Paul Theroux with the personal metaphysical investigations of Dan Millman. With Cox as your guide, youll relish your time through a remarkable, true story where tennis and spirituality ultimately weave themselves into a cosmic Grand Slam.