The Science of Miracles - Rod Martin, Jr

The Science of Miracles

By Rod Martin, Jr

  • Release Date: 2018-01-15
  • Genre: Science & Nature


“With a certainty that startled even me, I knew that I had tapped into the source code of the physical universe itself.”—The Science of Miracles, ch.3

What is a miracle? It is an action that either bends or breaks the laws of physical reality.

Using scientific method, researcher Rod Martin, Jr. discovered a method for creating miracles at-will. Over the course of several decades, he studied and refined this method, polishing it into what he calls “Creational Mechanics.”

He also discovered that the same method had been available all along in ancient religious texts like the Bible. All it took was the proper interpretation—being able to see the words with spiritual eyes.

This book tells how science can be improved so that it can study spiritual phenomena. It also details the journey of discovery that led Martin from childhood dreams of flight to the startling triple miracle on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles that changed his life forever.

Within this book, you learn the key ingredients and mindset required to perform miracles. Warning: This is not for the selfish or greedy. As the founder of Christianity informed us, we need to give up such childish ways.

Replication is a key element in science and it is also a key part of The Science of Miracles. Martin teaches by example and also leads you through a series of personal experiences which helped him to understand what he was looking at. He also details many of the problems people face with things like prayer and the Law of Attraction. And he offers solid solutions based on experience.