Primals - Lexy Timms


By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2018-02-21
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 540 Ratings)


Torn between two worlds. And four men.

Sebastian. Toshi. Theo. Kyle.

I thought that plane crash would be the end of my life. Instead, it turned out to be just the beginning.

Now, I’m on a race to find out who—and what—I really am, with four men to help me. Sexy Sebastian who can be a jerk sometimes but actually means well. Kind Theo whose heart is as big as that chest I want to cozy up against. Slick Toshi who is as fierce as he is fun. And Kyle, my best friend for so long, maybe too long.

They will help me find the answers I seek, though only I can take control of my destiny.

And my heart.

Reverse Harem Series





  • Aggravating

    By pooh rar
    I stayed mad at her for running off. It’s like she had no common sense. Gee, bad people r after me…I think I’ll run away so they can find me easier. Ugh! Frustrating.
  • Very enjoyable reas

    By danner0330
    Kept me engage the entire time
  • Primals

    By Happy Reader 252
    Quite different from other books of hers that I’ve read, but I enjoyed the creative flair! Thank you!!
  • Surprisingly loved it!!!

    By J.R.G.R.H.
    I don’t write a lot of reviews because I read a lot of books. Yet, this one surprised me. I don’t read a lot of books in the first person because it usually doesn’t flow for me quite like other writing/reading styles do. So, to say that I was not expecting a lot after reading a few chapters into this book, would be an understatement. Clarissa seemed a little too immature to me after meeting Sebastian. She seemed to be stronger before & during the crash. So I expected more. Then she read a little younger then a professional scientist would be too me, an I wasn’t sure I liked her. Although, She started collecting these men, who became friends, and not the sexual harem the title hints at. I liked their dynamic though, and the book picked up as the story progressed. I actually found myself not wanting to put it down after I got into the main meat of the story. In fact, I devoured this book, and can’t wait for to start the next one!!! Definitely take a chance on this series. You’ll be glad you did. Give it a chance. I am glad I dug in, and kept on reading. Now I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group of misfits. I loved it!!! Just as I know I’ll love the rest to come. 5 stars, for sure!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Surprise

    By guyclan
    Based on the cover I expected this to read like other novels with similar covers. It didn’t. I loved it! On to book 2!!!!
  • Unexpected

    By Kadie Faircloth
    I personally read quite a bit of supernatural like books, I was ecstatic to read this and experience a different storyline! Very original and I couldn’t stop reading! This series is fantastic!
  • WOW

    By missacole
    I received this book as a Advance copy read from the author. As I read the book I though wow. It was. I’ve that unlike most RH books the men did not already know each other and they where introduced separately in their own time. This is also wonderful because it’s also allowed for Clarissa not only to develop as a person but into who she can potentially become. It was not the ending I expected nor did this book develop as I would have loved it to however at the end it leaves me wanting more and to know where it goes from here. I went from love to hate with several of the male characters and then at the end they all had my heart. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.