Counting the Days - Lexy Timms

Counting the Days

By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2018-11-15
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 1,488 Ratings)


"He asked me what my favorite position was. I said CEO."

Abby James doesn't count on a man to keep her happy. She's content with who she is, her size and doesn't need to be some arm candy to make her feel pretty or smart. She is all of these things. Sort of.

Burned by love more than once, she's not going down that road again. Her brother's married to her best friend and they have cute kids. She can be the crazy-awesome aunt instead of a mother.

Focusing on her career prospects, she takes a leap and applies for a position under billionaire CEO Daniel McGregor.

Except her goal is to move up in her field, not under her boss. Hot as he is, she's determined to stay focused on her career. But when Daniel proves not to be the ruthless playboy the media makes him out to be, can Abby make room for love in her life?

Counting the Billions series:

Book 1 – Counting the Days

Book 2 – Counting on You

Book 3 – Counting the Kisses

Note: The author would like to let you know that this is a 3-part series that will end on an HEA. 


  • For sure I am going to have to get

    By stygc4678531
    I’m going back to sleep now and then I
  • Great book, from beginning to end of the first, 5 chapters.

    By floryesenia
    Great book, from beginning to end of the first 5 chapters.
  • 3 books…..not worth it.

    By Shay Shay Jo Jo
    I found this book randomly started reading it and thought I liked it… By the end of the book I was annoyed with a lot of things but wanted to know the end of the story so I want to head and bought the other two. I wish I could get my money back. There was way too much in her dialogue. I don’t really care so much about what each character is thinking and contradicting in their own heads as much as she put in these books. Way too many things were skipped and timelines and they were things I would’ve rather had detailed instead of other things she wrote in detail….I can’t even waist my time spell checking my review.
  • Not a standalone novel

    By D.Ashe93
    I came across this book randomly and was right when thinking it would be interesting. It was difficult to read at times when it spoke about their work because it seemed as if the author rushed through (they spent a lot of time at work). I did enjoy it as it was though…until I got to the end realized that it wasn’t a standalone novel. There are 2 more books in this series. I hate leaving stories with open endings so I guess I’ll be forking over to purchase the other 2 books.
  • Bland and basic

    By enamelpin
    The interaction between characters feels boring and basic. It’s a read with lost of internalized questions and feels like the author is simply self projecting and contradicting in the book. It has promise sometimes but over all falls flat and lacks any form of luster or drive. It’s mind-numbingly bland and seems to lack any form of driven focus. While there are plot points that capture goodness. It’s quickly thrown away by the characters and author through their internal struggles with each other. The characters have more questions and assumptions with each other than conversation and chemistry. This book was annoying at best and insufferable at worst.
  • You have to buy all 3 books for story

    By Pop crime
    Book was good but I hate that you have to buy 3 books for 1 story. Just charge for one book and include all of them. I got the first book free and would probably had pairs for the 2nd but then there is a 3rd so I’m out.
  • Counting the days.

    By areader0812
    I expected better from this author. It was boring, and I wasn’t encouraged to want to even finish much less read the other books in the series.
  • Pass this one up

    By Pinning Penny Ann
    Do you remember when you wrote a paper in school and needed to make the word count so you started saying the same thing in different ways? That’s what this story feels like. Take a basic plot line and restate it 50 different ways to write a “story.” Boring. Also, hopefully you like the word “company”. It’s used, I kid you not, at least 80 times in this book. Another indication of how wholly uncreative this book is. I checked my library and I have some other free books from this author. I never finished them and I didn’t finish this one either. Hard pass.
  • Couldn’t finish

    By jenngie
    Decent enough story idea but waaaaay too much inner dialogue going on with the characters and not enough actual interaction between characters.
  • Pass

    By aroseklein
    I love the author but wow this book had way too much inner dialogue.