Deserts & Droughts: How Does Land Ever Get Water - Rod Martin, Jr

Deserts & Droughts: How Does Land Ever Get Water

By Rod Martin, Jr

  • Release Date: 2018-12-14
  • Genre: Science & Nature


Are you afraid the planet is drying out from Global Warming? Don't be. This short book explains why the Warming Alarmist position on droughts is upside-down, backwards and inside-out. It all has to do with how land ever gets water. Without warming, all the lands of Earth would be dry as a bone.

Simple Format with Simple, but Compelling Facts

* Chapter 1 presents the Warming Alarmist claim, quoting several sources, and critiquing their statements with critical thinking and logic.
* Chapter 2 presents the counter-claim, backing it up with quotes and sources.
* Chapter 3 explains what's really going on in nature, how droughts occur, and our big question -- how land ever gets water in the first place.
* Chapter 4 presents empirical evidence from numerous sources that back up the counter-claim, effectively debunking the Warming Alarmist position

The book also includes sources, notes, video resources and more.

Sequel to #1 Bestselling Book, Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear

Deserts & Droughts is the next book in the Climate Basics series -- based on the #1 Bestseller in AMZ Science & Math short reads, and #2 Bestseller in AMZ Weather category.