Spirit is Digital: Science is Analog - Rod Martin, Jr

Spirit is Digital: Science is Analog

By Rod Martin, Jr

  • Release Date: 2019-01-10
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality


Science vs. Religion? Why does there need to be any opposition? Science studies the products of creation, while spirituality studies the sources of creation. The two complement each other. Between them, they cover the whole of reality.

“Spirit is Digital — Science is Analog” explores both sides of this controversy, digging deeply into the darker side of each and ferreting out the real heart and soul of both.


Both science and religion have a dark side. Scientists have egos. So do many of the religious. And ego can make people do some very crazy things, like put dogma ahead of evidence in science. Or put biased interpretation ahead of God's will in religion.

- Introduction: Truth as a Direction
- Chapter 1: The Church of Scientific Dogma
- Chapter 2: Constantine’s Corruption of Christianity
- Chapter 3: Science Shackled with the Wrong Paradigm
- Chapter 4: Discovery Begins with Humility
- Chapter 5: Why Science Fails When Studying Spirit
- Chapter 6: Proof of God
- Chapter 7: The Nature of God’s Children
- Chapter 8: How Science is Analog
- Chapter 9: How Spirit is Digital
- Chapter 10: Spirit Working With Science

“Spirit is Digital — Science is Analog” is all about the critical differences between heaven and physical reality: discontinuity and continuity. Knowing the critical differences makes studying the two halves of reality far easier. Will these distinctions yield powerful results? Perhaps they already have. The author covers some of those in his other books on spirituality and science. But this book discusses the nexus between the two halves of reality, reaching to live up to its subtitle: Discovering where miracles and logic intersect.