Proof of Atlantis? - Rod Martin, Jr

Proof of Atlantis?

By Rod Martin, Jr

  • Release Date: 2019-02-24
  • Genre: History


Subtitle: Evidence of Plato’s Lost Island Empire

What if a scientist refused to look at evidence, afraid of the ridicule he knew would be coming his way? Sadly, too much of this happens even today, with “climate change,” the Clovis First dogma and other topics where vested interests provoke hostility instead of open debate.

According to ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, a great island empire was swallowed whole by the sea about 9600 BC. And wouldn’t you know it? We have evidence from 3 different scientific disciplines that point to a major catastrophe 9620 BC.

The facts which tend to support the Atlantis story are numerous and rich with details. And science should never stoop to logical fallacies to dismiss any topic out of hand.

This book provides empirical evidence which strongly supports the past reality of Atlantis. It also provides a geologically-based hypothesis for the initial formation and later destruction of this legendary island. It also gives us empirical evidence to back up the hypothesis. In addition, this book peers into the murky waters of myth and finds a way to add clarity to the stories that have come down to us.

Not only do we find an alternate story of the Atlantis myth, but we discover evidence that the latter days of the legendary island empire may have been matriarchal. Such a startling fact may explain the modern Basque couvade, the hate Romans and Greeks had for the Etruscans and even the behavior of Medea of the Jason and Argonauts myth.

Proof of Atlantis? We know what proof would look like and we know that proof against Atlantis is virtually nonexistent, yet the ridicule persists. Science run by ego and logical fallacies is not a pretty sight. This book contains evidence from a broad range of fields, including geology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, genetics, blood biology, linguistics, oceanography and even climate science.

This book sets the stage for a larger work—Mission: Atlantis—currently in preparation after two decades of research and more than half a century of significant interest. This book also points the way forward in what needs to be done to achieve the holy grail of Atlantis academics—Proof of Atlantis.