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  • A great starting point

    By Protheawsome1
    What this book does compared to others is opening your mind. This book doesn’t give you a get rich quick scheme but instead informs you of things in a way to have you open your mind and ask great questions.
  • Isaiah Johnson

    By Supazay
    Amazing book taught me many things that I will be using in the near future and as of right now I will be continuing to read your books to learn all I can
  • Click bait with no info on how to do anything.

    By Mncm27
    Basically the author tells you to buy good assets not bad ones, those who work for money are basically pathetic and real estate is the only asset that’s worth anything. He says a lot of common sense stuff that you do get taught in school. Honestly, he makes money off of real estate and writing a book that is more or less click bait because it tells you nothing about how to do any of the things he says you need to do. Hard pass if you want legit actionable advice.
  • Great book

    By ilagadze
    Book has changed my mind about money
  • Financial Education

    By savage jayy
    This book is amazing and very important for anyone wanting to become financially literate and out of the “Rat Race”
  • Life changing

    By b42g
    Thank you for such an amazing piece, this is truly a work of art
  • Amazing Book!

    By NkurM
    Incredible book. It did open my eyes especially when he kept giving us the different views about success between his rich/poor dad! Amazing book!
  • This is a financial bible

    By Dios Mac
    Not simply a money book, but guidelines for life and how to approach it. Thank you Robert for sharing your knowledge, and awakening the financial genius within me.
  • I’m still on my learning journey, this was step one

    By DehSoNice
    There was stuff I agreed with and stuff I didn’t agree with. I’m still trying to understand this money game so I guess reading this book was the first step, even though I couldn’t grasp all of it. I would say people should still read this book to at least understand the foundation of money and the root of most, if not all our issues with finance.
  • Start to Freedom

    By Jameson Butler
    I’m twenty-one years old and this is the best investment I’ve made so far in my life.