Always With You - Layla Hagen

Always With You

By Layla Hagen

  • Release Date: 2019-09-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 236 Ratings)


I've always relished being a man of mystery. My LA hotel empire is public, but my private life as plain old Reid Davenport stays that way. Right up until it doesn't, and the tabloids threaten not just my privacy, but that of my family. I'd do anything to protect them from the limelight.

But must it involve Hailey, the fiery PR consultant I can't stop fantasizing about?

Hailey Connor keeps warning me she won't take on an uncooperative client. So why is she so compelled to help me? Maybe it's something about how her face softens when I talk about my family. Maybe it's because she genuinely wants to help.

Or maybe it's my brooding demeanor that causes her to melt so fast when I kiss her.

Even though I'm constantly infuriated by this little spitfire bossing me around, every time she smiles, I can't help wanting to pull her close and not let go.

I think Hailey is starting to fall for me, despite being my polar opposite. But when our worlds collide, can I convince her we're a perfect match?


  • One epic conclusion to a fantastic series!

    By Phoenix0890
    This book has been the perfect conclusion to the Connor series. I’ve been waiting patiently for Hailey’s story to materialize and it was really worth the wait! She’s definitely found her match! It’s as if you can feel the sparks crackling out of the pages of the book. The chemistry between them is off the charts! This is one HEA you wouldn’t want to miss.!😘
  • The cherry on top for the final chapter!

    By Ejm27
    I have been a Layla fan and follower for a while now, I have read all her books, this book was a bit special and makes me cry and wish there were more brothers and sisters in the clan of Connors and Bennetts. Hailey is an independent woman that has a hard time getting people to understand her. In comes the sexy amazing hotel mogul to turn her world upside down. And boy did he do a good job. You will get all the feel at ones... I will miss this family and would really need to get another book with all of them..
  • What a fun swoon worthy Read

    By Huggyjo
    I received a ARC copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Layla Hagen has yet again captured my heart in the Conner Family series. What a fun swoon worthy read. I had a smile on my face most of the book. I truly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I felt the chemistry between Reid and Hailey from the first time the the met in his office until the very end of the book. I love how Hailey is a head strong character. I also like how Reid tries new things to capture Hailey’s heart. If your a extreme romance book fan like I am then I highly suggest you read this book. It’s a sweet and steamy read. I also suggest you read all of Layla Hagen’s books if you haven’t done so already. I am a huge fan of her books. She is a wonderful writer and her books always leave me wanting to read more.
  • Cute!

    By Lbzoza
    This book was super cute! I loved both of them. Hailey from previous books and she met her match in him. She keeps him on his toes. I love the Connor family so it is always nice to see them together again.
  • I love this series

    By penny42058
    I just have to say that I’ve read each of the Connor Family books and they’ve each become a favorite read of mine. Always With You is centered around Hailey and Reid, the sexy, broody hotel owner. Reid needs Hailey’s PR expertise when his ex, Marion starts spreading lies about him and it affects his family. He’s attracted to Hailey from the get-go, but he doesn’t want her to handle the PR. I won’t leave any spoilers about what changed his mind, but I will say this book sucked me in from the very beginning. I love Layla Hagen’s Sexy books and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. If you’re looking for an author that gives us fantastic series to love, you really need to check out her books.
  • Perfect close to a wonderful series!

    By KindleKat64
    While I am sad that this is the end of another amazing series by Layla Hagen, I feel ending with Hailey’s HEA was absolutely perfect!! I have loved Hailey from every mention in her siblings books so to finally have her get everything she deserves and more is simply amazing. She and Reid are perfect for each other even if they had a bit of a rough start. Although Reid was in desperate need of Hailey’s PR expertise, he wasn’t thrilled at the way he was blindsided into meeting with her and therefore they definitely got off in the wrong foot. But that is short lived thankfully, because I love everything about them and their story and wouldn’t change a thing! As always, having the other Conner’s in the story adds so much to the story, whether its having someone to talk to, meddling, or just plain having each other’s backs. I do love this family! And this time we also have the pleasure of getting Reid’s younger sister Bianca in on some of the meddling action which is just awesome! She’s a great character! This is a sweet, charming and sexy happily ever after that you don’t want to miss!