Revolution Q - Neon Revolt

Revolution Q

By Neon Revolt

  • Release Date: 2019-11-06
  • Genre: Political Science
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 19 Ratings)


Though many have heard the name "QAnon" before, few fully understand the significance of the Q-Movement and the events currently unfolding around them. Given Q's trademark complexity, trying to understand the now thousands of Q-posts can be a downright overwhelming, if not impossible task for those attempting to go at it alone. That's where Neon Revolt comes in. Having tracked Q from the earliest days, and having been immersed in the culture prior to the advent of Q, there are few in the world able to tell the story of QAnon quite like Neon. Both newcomer and long-time Q-follower alike will enjoy this window into the mind-bending world of Q, and what it means for our collective future.


  • Nope

    By deango73
    I regret promoting this garbage by paying for this.
  • Wake Up

    By mymanyfaults
    I already knew a lot of this, so there was little shock but for those who don’t know Neon does a good job of laying it out in small steps. The choice to know will be yours. Knowledge is power. Don’t let them get away with this!
  • Subject Matter Is 5 Stars, But Authorship Is 2 Star At Best

    By dalasc
    Based on the subject matter alone, this is a vital book for the whole world to read. And read immediately! Not only for doing your part to fight evil. But also just to help you understand / interpret all the recent “insanity” that has taken place and is yet to take place. Based on the quality of the authorship though, there is MUCH room for improvement! The title is grossly exaggerated. Is NOT a revolution, or a war, or any such thing. This movement is more accurately: a normal, global, law-enforcement action, long overdue by more than 100+ years. The author’s ego is very evident throughout. And horrendous to put up with. He fails to stick to basic principles like: focusing on the facts! Objectively retelling only the story of Qanon and the overall events as they played out is all that is needed. Also, there is so much more human history vital to framing the story, which never was added. The author does not spend the beginning of the book introducing Qanon properly, and establishing Qanon’s unassailable authenticity and link with President Trump. The author, nor any Anons, has also never asked Qanon the question, why now? After evil has been clearly with us and running the show for at least 10,000 years, and nobody has ever really fixed this suffering before, why all of a sudden now can the good people of the world rise up and eliminate the evil? In addition, the author has not lived life long enough to know, that the possibility still exists, that both Trump and Qanon are also lying to the American people. For just one tiny example, Q posting that a deep state satellite has been taken down, IS NOT PROOF THAT IT HAS ACTUALLY BEEN TAKEN DOWN IF MILLIONS CANNOT SEE IT WITH THEIR OWN EYES. What about the case of Epstein? Here he is, publicly nailed to the proverbial wall, in prison awaiting the start of public justice. Exactly the kind of witness needed to nail more criminals! And the “crack, 4D chess team” that is Trump and Qanon cannot keep him safe long enough to actually see trial and conviction? My confidence that 10,000 more evil criminals will be correctly brought to justice is off the charts, Neon. The American people are just supposed to start believing the government again, after being lied to nonstop from the beginning of time? Without massive public trials, carried out live, in-person and with massive, live, in-person executions by hanging, how are we supposed to really know justice was obtained? As I write this review, Neon, the U.S. is more divided than it has ever been in history (probably). Which you should admit, is exactly what the Cabal / Elite always desire. Not a single important player has been publicly arrested, perp walked, tried, convicted, sentenced, and punished yet. After about 3 years of waiting! Just four days ago Qanon said “indictments are coming”. Ostensibly in 2019. Which means in just weeks, because there are only about six weeks left in the year! Oh, okay. Finally now, we should start seeing some justice, right? We will see. I will not be holding my breath, because he did not say how many, and how important they will be, Neon. Wake me when you are all done, with silly political games, and it is time for real American Patriots to kiss our loved ones goodbye, grab our gear, and without saying a single word, start serving true justice. The American Revolutionary War was fought by real men risking real lives, out in the open. So was WW2. If it is supposed to be a criminal justice system and DOJ doing all this instead? Then go back to my earlier question: Why now? Why not 30 years ago? 50 years ago? 100 years ago? Etcetera. AT ANY TIME, THIS COUNTRY’S JUSTICE SYSTEM COULD HAVE KEPT AMERICA SAFE AND FREE. Was it free from evil and tyranny out of the gate, in 1776? Think deeply. Go back to the birth of this country, as if you were living that reality day by day. What was it like? What were all of the deals and legal charters like? Were all American colonists deceived slaves and “feeders” from day one? Was there a big divide between “poor wretches” and “moneyed elite” since very beginning of first colony? What did evil elites want from this colonial investment in the first place? Did the “poor wretches” eventually fight the British overlords off, only to get new overlords from the ranks of their own “fellow rich American elite” friends and neighbors? Did the rank and file “poor wretches” make the decision to genocide tens of millions Native Americans? Or was it early American “rich elite” colonial leaders who made such calls? If Trump and Qanon do get some kind of nominal-appearing justice achieved, do you really think all of a sudden, overnight, America will no longer have a million fellow a$$hole overlord countrymen, still calling all the shots when you show up for your “awesome” job tomorrow? Will you still keep all your massive debt, and share of all public debts? What will really be different each day you walk out your front door? Other than some “theoretical” WW3 has been “theoretically” stopped by “theoretical” good guys suddenly deciding that this is the year we finally save humanity “theoretically” from evil so awful that 95% of it has to remain behind “theoretically” closed doors. For our own “theoretical” benefit. Nobody ever seems to see the big picture: if you are going to consent to be governed, such leaders at least owe you good leadership! Why would you ever follow bad people, anywhere in life, ever? Simply stop doing it.