Tomorrow - Joseph Conrad


By Joseph Conrad

  • Release Date: 2020-05-09
  • Genre: Fiction


In the story Tomorrow by Joseph Conrad, Captain Hagberd plans what he will do when his son, Harry who has been away at the sea for 16 years comes back. He hopes to marry him to the sweet girl who lives in the neighbourhood. After his wife passes away he redoubles his efforts to find his son. He tells himself every day that his son will return tomorrow. He lives in the little seaport of Colebrook and hopes that his son will return to the place where he stayed once. He builds two small cottages. He prepares one for his son's return and lets out the other to his tenants, an old blind man and his daughter Bessie. Initially the local people make fun of him but they accept his ways and his unusual attire in the course of time. They pity him. When the young man comes home unexpectedly many secrets about the characters in the story are revealed. The story tells about the lives of three characters, the father Captain Hagberd, the wild son who returns home from America and the girl who stays next door, who dreams of being released from her hellish existence.