Rip Tide: A M/M Non-Shifter MPREG Romance - C. J. Vincent

Rip Tide: A M/M Non-Shifter MPREG Romance

By C. J. Vincent

  • Release Date: 2020-10-30
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


Brooke always said that his one true love was the sea... but he never guessed how right he really was.

Wild as the seas he ruled, Poseidon was never one to listen when he was told to curb his wild ways. Passionate and untameable, Poseidon's rages were as terrifying as the storms he whipped across the oceans of the world, but when he calmed, there was nothing to match his beauty. When the goddess' rebellion divided the pantheon, Poseidon took refuge in the sea, and spent most of his time away from Olympus so he would not have to face the cruelty of the goddess' betrayal.

After centuries of loneliness, Poseidon is once again absent from Olympus and unable to hear his brother's call that the oracle's promise had been fulfilled. But Poseidon has other things on his mind, a Californian surfer named Brooke Hart… and he can't seem to get the memory of the shy blond's eyes out of his head.

Brooke is a quintessential California surfer. Blond, tanned, and toned… but he's also incredibly shy and avoids the limelight whenever possible. When one of the brashest, loudest, and cockiest surfers on the beach shows him some attention, it's easier just to run away and take solace in the ocean until one day, his desire to be alone puts him in more danger than he could ever imagine, and his rescuer is none other than the Surf God he'd tried so hard to avoid. What he doesn't know, is that Patrick is an actual god, and he must make a choice between his lonely life, or an option that seems too incredible to believe.

Rip Tide is book 2 in the New Olympians series. 32,000 words, with a HEA featuring a shy, loveable omega an alpha-god to claim him.

Book 1 ~ Lightning Strikes (ZEUS)
Book 2 ~ Rip Tide (POSEIDON)
Book 3 ~ By the Book (HADES)
Book 4 ~ Swift Wings (HERMES)
Book 5 ~ Marble Heart (ARES)
FREEBIE ~ Immortal's Wish (Holiday novella)
Book 6 ~ Eternal Fire (HEPHAESTUS)