Introduction of Oculus Quest2 for the first VR users - Martin Jung

Introduction of Oculus Quest2 for the first VR users

By Martin Jung

  • Release Date: 2020-12-28
  • Genre: Computers


Many VR devices have appeared so far, but they have not been chosen by the public. Due to the limitations of a low resolution and a low processor in low-cost products, and the limitation of high price tag for high-specification products, VR devices seems to have not yet found a place in front of the public. However, with the release of Quest 2, the public may find a product that meets the popular demands of high resolution, high performance processor, and affordable price. OQ2's popularity is exploding around the world. 
  Unfortunately, however, it seems that there are not enough resources to tell users how to use this device more easily, step-by-step, and comfortable access. Unboxing video in Youtube ends with unboxing and only introduces devices. Then, you have to find yourself for the following questions; 'what accessories do I need and how to buy them', 'Which VR game to buy', 'Can I connect my PC? How?' 
  There are a lot of questions coming up, but I was very disappointed because there was no references that could be easily explained step-by-step procedures. So, maybe, I thought that grouping those questions and integrated information and organizing them into books can reduce wasted time for many people.