A War For Love - Michelle Bryan & M. Lynn

A War For Love

By Michelle Bryan & M. Lynn

  • Release Date: 2019-10-28
  • Genre: Fantasy


Some evil isn't meant to end.

War is inevitable, its outcome unpredictable.

With the Tri-Gard in their grasp and magic returned to the land, Trystan should rejoice in the hope it has brought.

Instead, he finds himself watching his sister let the power consume her. He watches Davion struggle with memories wrought by that same power, twisted and confusing.

And he knows, nothing good comes from magic.

The Dark King has brought his army across the border, gathering magic as they move, and Trystan must march to meet them with his army of farmers and merchants. An army that has not yet learned how to control their new power.

This time, it looks like they've lost the war before spilling the first drop of blood.

But the first rule of magic is that it shouldn't be underestimated, because sometimes, it can have a life of its own.