The Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook - Tim MacWelch & The Editors of Outdoor Life

The Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook

By Tim MacWelch & The Editors of Outdoor Life

  • Release Date: 2015-10-27
  • Genre: Reference


Be ready for the worst of winter—from basic car trouble to extreme situations—with this essential guide by the acclaimed survival expert.

Tim MacWelch is the go-to-guy for survival techniques and definitely someone you want next to you in your snow cave. With his Winter Survival Handbook, he helps you survive winter dilemmas ranging from the typical to the terrible.

Practical Hints

Don’t want to spend twenty minutes sitting in the driveway waiting for your car to defrost? Learn how to winterize your car, dress for the polar vortex, drive on black ice, keep your home safe and warm, and everything in between.

Emergency Skills

When danger threatens you and your loved ones, you’ll be ready to combat any dire circumstance—from a major power outage to a walk through a whiteout, a fall through ice into freezing water, and other terrifying scenarios.

Wilderness Survival

Freezing and stranded in the middle of nowhere? MacWelch knows what you need to stay warm, survive, and make it out alive. Learn how to build a snow cave, shoot a frozen rifle, make a fire in a snowstorm, and much more.