Reminiscing! - Robert C. Martin


By Robert C. Martin

  • Release Date: 2019-07-16
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Reminiscing! is a book that reminds the writer that no man or woman is an island to themselves. There were people and events that worked into his life that shaped him into the person of whom he is today. There is a before picture of a person and an after picture of individuals. Reminiscing! allowed the writer to look back on his life and consider some of the most important things that he might have learned but did not see the situations as learning experiences. The writer took a memory look at the most important people that impacted his life in such a way that he can now appreciate them. He learned to be thankful. The writer learned from past experiences. The writer expressed his desire and the importance to remember and to celebrate the people and the lessons of which he has learned and came to know. The many challenges that the writer faced and all the ingredients worked to produce the finishing product. The Jesus that he did not know or understand very well is currently known by the writer in a relationship that brings him the greatest joy. To him, Jesus is awesome!