True Mayhem - Lexy Timms

True Mayhem

By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2021-05-16
  • Genre: Romantic Suspense
4 Score: 4 (From 202 Ratings)



Rule #1: Never be #2

One city. Two rival families.

The Donahues have run Albion for generations, ruling the criminal underworld with an iron fist. The O'Malley family fights to take the city for themselves. Their crimes are an open secret.

Conrad Donahue is the youngest son of the city's most brutal crime lord. Yet he resents having to walk in his father's footsteps. As the younger son, nobody expects him to rise and make a name for himself. When his cousin is murdered he's ordered to avenge his family against their enemies, the O'Malleys. Conrad is ready to follow orders, but when he realizes that he has to eliminate gorgeous, sexy Selene O'Malley he does the unthinkable and spares her life.

As the only daughter of a notorious mob boss, Selene O'Malley is as ruthless as she is beautiful. She hates the Donahues for what they did to her father, and she'll have her revenge, along with the power to claim the city. Only one man stands in her way—broodingly handsome Conrad Donahue, the man who spares her life. Furious that she owes her life to her sworn enemy, Selene is duty-bound to return the favor.

The attraction between them is undeniable, but their families are at war. Being together risks certain death. Conrad was never meant to be a crime boss. Selene has to prove that she can rule in a man's world. All they have in common is their desire for the other, and soon they'll have to make a choice between their hearts and family honor.

The City of Mayhem Series

Book 1 – True Mayhem

Book 2 – Relentless Chaos

Book 3 – Broken Disorder


  • Love your books

    By more friend codes redeemed
    I’ve read 6 of Lexy Timms books already and I couldn’t put them down, literally I couldn’t. I stayed up for hours finishing this series alone. You kind of have to when there.s cliffhangers at the ends of the first 2 books.
  • Mayhem Series

    By Jennifer Callen
    You started with a good plot really gripping 🧐 However the constant repeated mentioning of boy want to bed girl girl wants to bed boy gets very very boring The desire to read more is too painful 😖
  • Cliffhanger

    By 2moody4u
    FYI This book has a cliffhanger ending.
  • True Mayhem

    By Pins4
    Loved the book. Will have to read more.