Risking Millions - Lexy Timms

Risking Millions

By Lexy Timms

  • Release Date: 2021-08-24
  • Genre: Romance
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 393 Ratings)


Love is not something you protect. It's something you risk.

Daniel Connor has a problem. A big one.

Even though his company is a billion-dollar success in the hospitality industry, he's just opened a few new properties in the United States and is failing at every turn. He's never met a problem he couldn't solve, but this particular problem is beyond him.

He needs an expert. A fixer.

Enter Eleanor Sawyer, fixer extraordinaire. Though she generally only works in the US, the salary Daniel offers her—and the good looks she sees across their first meeting—are impossible for her to turn down, and she makes the journey to the UK to work with his company on their problems.

But the UK isn't as easy to navigate as she expected, and when she ends up living on Daniel's property outside the city—and needing to call him every time something goes wrong—she starts to think there might be more to life in England than just fixing a company's issues.

This contract was never meant to be anything but professional. The problem is, the longer Daniel and Eleanor work together, the more personal it becomes.

And neither one of them is all that interested in changing it.

Lovers in London Series

Book 1 – Risking Millions

Book 2 – Venture Capital

Book 3 – Worth the Expense

Book 4 – The Price of Luxury

Book 5 – Exclusive Passion


  • Completely Unbelievable

    By SW MO
    Plot is completely unbelievable and the actions of the characters don’t even make sense. Good thing it was a free read.
  • Skip it

    By night23456
    Not worth the free read at all… It was so slow and not even the cliffhanger hanger at the end can get me to want to purchase the other books in the series :(
  • Good book, but disappointed…

    By pmomway
    The writing and plot was pretty good. It was hard to like Eleanor the further it moved along though, and I was disappointed to find out this is not a standalone. Wish that would have been mentioned in the description
  • Book

    By bbb he VR t
    The best I like how he showed steps to do something it’s just the best I love reading his books
  • Unsure

    By 3mt4p00h
    Not a bad plot, but not very believable. She's supposed to be this successful business owner from the big city and she's constantly late and unprepared for meetings with the main character? She starts conversations or needs with the main character but then needs to be stubborn and unbending and rudely walks away or disrespectfully kicks him out? And he's her client? Totally understand being unsure in another country and not in the city, but not taking advice or suggestions from the main character when she's out of her element just comes off stubborn and unwilling to learn, not independent. Over halfway through the book and still no real character development - she's stubborn and off balance and he's stuffy and rich. And no other relationships with other characters, even though a few are randomly mentioned!
  • Risking Millions by Lexy Timms

    By North of Disneyland
    This was a very good story of a very rich British CEO and a “fixer”, who is a late 20s American woman! She comes to the UK to help him fix a problem in his company! His proper British manners & her feisty personality seem to collide from the start or is this something else? I definitely recommend reading this book!
  • Wasn’t a bad read

    By monii z.
    It wasn’t a bad read, but definitely wasn’t her best read. This book has potential. I didn’t like that fact that it ended the way it did, it wasn’t a cliff hanger or anything but it definitely doesn’t need like 2 other books to finish the story off. However, I love the fact that she took her time on the book and worded things correctly and didn’t rush to any of the scenes or romantic scenes of sorts. It literally is a Romance brewing and it’s taking its time getting there.
  • Great book can’t wait to read the rest of series

    By shrtbear4