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  • The best book ever

    By Liz Gold
    The best book I have ever read! Thank you so much.
  • Think and Grow Rich

    By ikey C
    Great Book, I will read it again and again
  • Are We thinking enough?

    By Book Muster 7
    We all know this reality →Most of us simply don’t think enough and I believe this book make us start think more and more everyday! I had read once only so I will read 100 times more to make sure I understand completely.
  • Great book.

    By sofiacartaya
    Great book.
  • Great

    By Led102098173829
    Great book
  • Life-altering

    By TBuckey
    I love this book! I find myself reading it once a year to remind of the principles, so I can get back on track with my goals. I wish that this was a required book to read for all youth, as I'm confident it would help better society as a whole. Read it, apply the teachings, then you'll see the change it'll have on your life for good. Happy reading!
  • Concept

    By TJ Gouvea
    I've read this book now for the 2nd time and every time I've read it I've learned something new that has changed the way I think and act. Of course replacing a bad habit sometimes takes time but with the book you are in the right path. Love it
  • Think and grow rich

    By Tyler_Shuhart
    Great book
  • Amazing book!

    By Z&er
    I have read many books, but this one really has the greatest formula to effect positive change in almost every area of ones life. I do my best to reread it at least once a year, along with handful of other brilliant writings. I pick up or understand something new from a different vantage point each time I read it.
  • Just a thought...

    By Shola8486
    I've read a few of the comments on here and I just wanted to remind you all that one of the unspoken rules of the Truth in this book is that you must be Christ-like. You can never actively disparage or disrespect your fellow man. Your potential for power is directly tied to your goodwill and love for mankind. If someone is trolling or has a legitimate misunderstanding or difficulty in understanding just politely suggest that they persist and continue to read, we are all human and so the Truth will arrive to them eventually if they persist, it's inevitable. The nature of our broken world has taught people not to believe in ourselves, our humanity and, by extension, the Truth. Try not to ridicule and put down those that are struggling to pull the wool from their eyes, you cannot know their mind and their traumas. Be kind.