DK Essential Managers: Effective Public Relations - DK

DK Essential Managers: Effective Public Relations


  • Release Date: 2001-07-25
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales


Learn all you need to know about how to generate and manage publicity--from recognizing public relations opportunities to creating and sustaining media coverage. Effective PR shows you not only how to identify and target your audience, but also provides practical techniques for presenting information, whether writing news releases or organizing press conferences and productlaunches. Power tips help you to deal with real-life situations and handle all types of media with confidence. The Essential Manager have sold more than 1.9 million copies worldwide! Experienced and novice managers alike can benefit from these compact guides. The topics are relevant to every work environment, from large corporations to small businesses. Concise treatments of dozens of business techniques, skills, methods, and problems are presented with hundreds of photos, charts, and diagrams. It is the most exciting and accessible approach to business and self-improvement available.