Life and Times of Frederick Douglass - Frederick Douglass

Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

By Frederick Douglass

  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Genre: History


Life and Times of Frederick Douglass is Frederick Douglass' third autobiography, published in 1881, revised in 1892. The emancipation of American Slaves during and following the Civil War allowed Douglass to go into greater specifics of both his life as as slave and his escape from slavery in this volume than he could in his two previous autobiographies (which would have put both himself and his family in danger). It is also the only of Douglass' autobiographies to discuss his life during and after the Civil War, including his encounters with American Presidents such as Lincoln and Garfield, his account of the ill-fated "Freedman's Bank," and his career as the United States Marshall of the District of Columbia.

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