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  • Great book

    By Metal Industries
    Worth the price . Read the whole thing.
  • Worthwhile read, but nothing you won’t find elsewhere

    By E430doug
    If you have read any self help literature you will find nothing new in this book. The book is interesting looking at it as the source of a lot of modern self help thinking. His description of his time in the concentration camps was a bit clinically detached. I appreciated this because I was not in a place to process a more emotional approach. The second half of the book was a dry discourse on his personal field of Logotherapy. I didn’t find it very approachable. I think it was a missed opportunity. I’m glad I read the book. It is a interesting snapshot of history.

    By Alieu Jallow
    Insightful and reflective.
  • Life Changing Book

    By Toppers13
    Life changing.
  • Not what I expected ....

    By sivvc
    Hundred time better than I expected!!!
  • Wonderful Surprise

    By Madgehart
    I had heard that this was one of the most influential books ever written, so I bought it. But I put it aside for a long time, fearing the subject matter would simply be too dark and difficult to get through. I finally decided to commit to the experience, and I'm so glad I did! There was meaning and purpose behind every description of Dr. Frankl's experiences, which made it easier to stay in the story. And the wealth of wisdom, through hope, optimism, and determination, was life-changing. What a gift this man was, and still is, to everyone within reach of his books! I'm so glad I took this journey. I carry it with me as I step more confidently into my own search for meaning!
  • Mans search for meaning

    By Abcdefgjncgg
    If you want a great and inspirational read, this is definitely it.
  • not a lot of actual meaning

    By tripp1592
    interesting book about the holocaust but never any real direct answers about meaning.
  • Mans Search for Meaning on iTunes

    By SecurityFusion
    Here is the problem. This book is free for download on the internet. Itunes is charging 9.99. Why?
  • Why did I wait so long to read this book?

    By HSC86P
    I had heard about this book from speakers and other authors many times but never got around to purchasing and reading the book until now. I wish I had read this book 30 years ago. Don't skip the part where he talks about therapy. There is a lot of great advice that we can apply to our lives from that section of the book.