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  • Zoo

    By Spencerthebeast123
    I thought this is the best book I have read in my life. At times it's got killing and it is very discriptive.
  • Back to reading again.

    By Kattdesign
    Loved reading this book. I had not read anything in a long time but this got me back to reading again.
  • Zoo Lover

    By Hsusiehgdiakqbdusj
    I love the book Zoo and I love the television series to. I hate all of you who say it was a terrible book or a terrible show because I love it. If you don't Like it keep it to your self.
  • Zoo

    By Grady Lawson
    I feel that you don't know what you are saying when you say this is an awful book, I loved it and I especially loved the show, I just want to congratulate James Patterson in his awesome creation of stories that are always good to read and I look forward to more amazing books by him and shows inspired by him..... Ps this should deserve 5 more stars.
  • Zoo

    By BubaGump1742
    Omg, this is the best book ever. Also watch the tv series on Netflix.
  • Zoo

    By majmax2
    I'm not a James Patterson fan, but this book was interesting , I really liked the concept. I have 2 dogs , after reading this book I find myself analyzing them.

    By calisk8s
    I just recently finished this book....and it was AMAZING. This book kept me hooked and up late at night reading. I would suggest to get it. The ending WAS a little flat but I feel like there might be a second book...other than that it was AMAZING!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Love

    By rashad heyward
    Love this book! And the show
  • A Great Read With A Soft Ending

    By Steelers Tatted
    I have been a James Patterson fan for several years now. When i first heard of this book, I decided to check out the reviews before buying. Because of the multiple low ratings, I decided to skip over it. I then saw that a tv series was being made from this book so I thought to myself, there is no way that this can be as bad as what people are saying. I bought Zoo and let me tell you, i finished it in 2 days. A serious page turner thats based on a real world possibilty. Patterson uses graphic detail that really throws you into the story's environment. I give this 4/5 because of the ending. Im not sure if Patterson and company got lazy or truely felt as if they had ended this great book properly. I must say the ending leaves the reader wanting more and a little confused as to how the story truely ends. I woukd definitely recommend this book, but give warning to a disappointing end.
  • Bad Patterson

    By Mscatluvr
    I love James Patterson books, but this has to be the worst I've ever read with his name on it!