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  • Great book

    By IamM28
    Great book
  • Too much filler

    By Gi2joe3
    This was decent, but not my favorite of the John Corey series. Most of it seemed drawn out maybe too much dialogue. I loved every book before this and I hope Radiant Angel is better. John Corey's character is so good I feel like Nelson DeMille could write more exciting plots.
  • Awesome as usual

    By Jeff from Indy
    I enjoy the style of writing DeMille uses when writing his John Corey character. He makes you laugh even while in the middle of an incredibly suspenseful situation. Bringing Corey and Paul Brenner (of The General's Daughter) together worked very well. Now he should try one written from Brenner's perspective. Great book, tough to set down!
  • Stupid

    By Bill1369
    I bought and read this great iBook about 3 years ago. Today Apple notifies me there is an update. So, am I supposed to read the book again to spot a few sentences Connelly may have added or deleted??? It'd make a heckuva of a lot more more sense if Apple would tell me what the update is. Stupid!!
  • The Panther

    By Logan922
    As always Mr. DeMille's writing was impeccable. The story; however, was only mildly interesting. The Middle East theme is wearing thin altogether and in the case of this novel it was quite predictable. If it were not for Nelson DeMille's prose I would have pit the book down long before I completed it. I would love to see something come out that was as fresh as Plum Island which, in my opinion was Nelson DeMille's best book and most creative book in a long time. Thanks for the entertains hours and keep writing.
  • Not On Par

    By baukunst
    I've read all of DeMille's books. This is definitely not to par with The Charm School or Cathedral. John Corey's character is getting sillier and sillier, and not in a good way. DeMille seems to use him to make countless comments with a nudge and a wink. Corey's one-liners are obvious and unfortunately, now expected. DeMille's books are now very formulaic and that is disappointing, to me anyway.
  • The Panther

    By DredgerMatt
    I mostly enjoyed the book, been a fan of DeMille for some time. Made for some light adventure reading and I felt like I learned something about Yemen. The protagonist and his narrative are so 'smart assy' that it detracts from the story though. I mean every other sentence seems to be some sophomoric thought or utterance and it really starts to wear you out. The female character building is weak, as their role is primarily scenery and to blithely follow the 'genius' of the main character.
  • Engaging - but looking for more

    By Bwc79
    Have read demille books for years and look forward to each next release. This was a good book, comical in Corey's humor and very descriptive. Only real complaint was that it ended quick and abrupt- leaving you hanging on some unfinished business. Hopefully that will be addressed in short order in his next book.
  • Too slow, too bad

    By Baysailor12
    Love all DeMille novels but this one needed an editor. On and on for hundreds of pages with no plot other than a tour of Yemen. Never got into the story. Gave up. Hope it's instructive for DeMille to get back to fast paced, exciting, irreverent Corey and his wife. Operative words: fast paced. I would really like advice. After reading 300 pages of sameness, I bailed out . How far can I skip ahead before I can get into the plot without missing anything? Welcome suggestions. I invested a lot of time traipsing around in Yemen with little to show for it. Thanks.
  • The panther

    By Skill,bgccdcxsa
    This was the worst, most boring, deMille book or just about any other book have read. Nothing good can be said about this book. I have read all of DeMille and thousands of other books. This wad awful, should have ever been published. I won't read another DeMille book.