Burlington County Sasquatch - George Dean Turner

Burlington County Sasquatch

By George Dean Turner

  • Release Date: 2012-09-09
  • Genre: Nature


Burlington County, New Jersey is hardly a place where one might expect to find North American's scary great ape, the sasquatch. The county is directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, and 70 miles from New York City. By contrast, most of the thousands of Internet reports of encounters with the animal occur in places like Oregon and British Columbia. But this book reports 8 encounters since 1980 in Burlington County, all of which appear on the Bigfoot Field Research Organization's (BFRO) website, bfro.net. This is the same group of scientists and researchers that produces "Finding Bigfoot" currently running as a series on the Animal Planet television channel. BFRO cooperated in bringing "Burlington County Sasquatch" to print by giving permission to publish the eight reports.

The author, Dean Turner, was born and raised in South Jersey, and brings a precise style to the task. Dr. Bindernagel (Wikipedia) commented, 'Would that we could all write like Dean Turner. He has taken a difficult subject – reports of the sasquatch (bigfoot) in a single New Jersey county – and produced a book of national, even continental, interest. Turner’s careful articulation of facts about the sasquatch, combined with his dry humor, has resulted in a small but eminently readable and important book. Without diminishing the power of the excellent writing, the book is worth having for the illustrations alone. The images of sasquatches commissioned by Turner include some of the most realistic depictions I have seen to date. They correspond closely to eyewitness descriptions and eyewitness drawings and, since there are over forty of them, combine to provide readers with a very realistic depiction of what sasquatches really look like and how they behave.

I’ll be recommending this book to many friends and acquaintances looking for a good introductory book on this subject.