Rudow's e-Guide to Chesapeake and Delmarva Striper Fishing - Lenny Rudow

Rudow's e-Guide to Chesapeake and Delmarva Striper Fishing

By Lenny Rudow

  • Release Date: 2012-10-07
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


This book is a collection of how-to/where-to striped bass fishing articles by noted fisherman/outdoors writer Lenny Rudow. In it, he covers detailed tackle, tactics, and locations for targeting rockfish while angling in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and off the Delmarva coast. Chumming, trolling,light-tackle casting, night fishing, eeling, jigging, and more are all explained.The book includes 16 distinct chapters which address specific tactics and places striper anglers will be interested in. Chapter one covers how to fish tributaries and the shallows, when strong winds make accessing the Chesapeake or larger waters impossible. Chapter two covers how to bottom bounce (a trolling technique). Fishing at warm water discharges such as Calvert Cliffs is covered in chapter three. Next, Rudow addresses tactics for locating larger fish, when lots of throw-backs are around. In chapter five, the do's and dont's of shallow water light tackle casting are covered. Then in chapter six, basic and advanced fall chumming techniques are addressed. Chapter seven focuses on night fishing, and chapter eight, on how to target trophy spring stripers on light tackle. Then in chapter nine, the topic is live-lining for stripers. Chapter ten is a where-to article on Poplar Island. Chapter eleven deals with locating and catching late-fall sea-run trophy fish. And in chapter twelve, Rudow covers how to fish the Chesapeake Bay Bridges, the rockpiles, and the sewer pipe. In thirteen, he addresses the specifics of fishing Thomas Point. In chapter fourteen, the topic is how to eel for stripers. Fifteen covers both the basics and advanced tactics for spring chumming, and finally, in chapter sixteen we learn low-light tactics that will help anglers fill their fishboxes.Anglers up and down the coast have been reading Lenny Rudow's how-to/where-to fishing articles for decades. This e-guide is the first in a series meant to collect his writings into a species-specific work which will allow anglers and fishermen to get the exact knowledge they need to catch more fish. The information is detailed, and specific."I don't believe in writing about generalities," Rudow says. "You can find a million articles and books that are a little helpfull, but it's hard to fish fishing books which really do give away the "secret" tips and tricks that make the difference between catching a fish or two, and having a full fishbox. Rudow's e-Guide to Chesapeake and Delmarva Striper Fishing will include that information. You have my word on it," he said.