What REALLY is hypnosis? (Translated to English) - Maxwel Jose Martins

What REALLY is hypnosis? (Translated to English)

By Maxwel Jose Martins

  • Release Date: 2012-12-19
  • Genre: Science & Nature


This book will tell You all the truth about induction, trance, deepening, I will tell You everything I learned from my studies about hypnosis, things that most hypnotist don't want you to know, because some want You to keep buying more and more books, and getting more confused. I want to teach you everything I learned and the secrets of hypnosis, because I think that to REALLY LEARN HYPNOSIS, WE HAVE TO LEARN HOW HYPNOSIS WORK, NOT ONLY HOW TO USE HYPNOSIS !
(this is a simple book, but will give You the important information that You were always looking for)