Grace and Truth - Stan E. Dekoven & HMS Studio

Grace and Truth

By Stan E. Dekoven & HMS Studio

  • Release Date: 2013-01-24
  • Genre: Christianity


Grace and Truth...the words seem simple, but are so full of meaning. For years, having been raised in a more traditional denomination emphasizing a form of holiness, I yet believing in God's sovereign grace, I struggled to find balance. Between thinking I am free to do whatever I want and believing I might do something wrong and garner God's horrible wrath, my walk with the Lord leaned one way or the other. In this book, Grace and Truth: The Twin Tower's of a Father's Heart, I am attempting, for the readers benefit and my own, to find a true balance between these teachings, seeing that John the apostle used these two words to describe the very essence of who Jesus was and is, which essentially presents who the Father is. So, I hope the reader will journey with me, as we explore these two twin towers of the Word, Grace and Truth.