Phantom of the Library - Lidiya Foxglove

Phantom of the Library

By Lidiya Foxglove

  • Release Date: 2023-02-05
  • Genre: Paranormal


This is the most important house flip I've ever done. It's a gorgeous California home by a known architect, it contains the final piece of the map we need to unite the magical realms, and the body of Byron, my demigod ghost, is supposedly here. That's a lot on one girl's plate.

Of course, no home renovation is without surprises. In this case we have a whole slew of nosy old wizard neighbors, a lonely undine who lives in the pool and won't leave, 1970s decor worthy of the Brady Bunch, and my struggles not to get distracted by Byron, Graham, Jake and Jasper and get stuff done. But the biggest surprises come when we unite the magical realms for the first time in a thousand years and bring Byron to life…a begin to uncover a dark truth about wizard's familiars.

We thought they were faithful companions, but it appears that part of the reason for breaking the realms apart was to bind them to our side. Now, they're free and the wizard councils aren't happy about it, to say the least. My cousin Piers is determined to undo my work, and my royal blood might be the only thing that can stop him—but at what cost?