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  • A deeply thought provoking book

    By Mental Provocation
    What I love about Sapiens is it’s context and perspective it equips you with. I feel as though once you finish this book it will be impossible for you to look at not just humans, but religion, government, money, industry and many others aspects of life in a fundamentally different way.
  • Great Start

    By mlj8096
    It started off really interesting and got really political. I’m a very left leaning individual and while I agree with a lot of the statements made by the author, I wanted to read a piece of unbiased factual history of humankind.
  • Close to perfect

    By elt223
    True to all Humans. Loved his honesty.
  • Beautiful

    By imanmedua
    I read this as a moving tale about the history of the human condition. A must read .
  • Hogwash

    By Diggin'Life
    I was drawn in by the apparent research and data-driven conclusions, but was soon disheartened by leaps in logic. I stopped reading the book when the author suggested that disadvantaged black Americans believed themselves to be inferior. I couldn’t read more. I was about 1/4 of the way through the book. Hogwash and drivel. Not worth the read.
  • Great book.

    By MadMeshal
    Great for anyone who is trying to understand how we got here from an evolutionary perspective. I enjoyed it.
  • Great but

    By khanhdmai
    There are some part need justification and elaboration. This come off so much personal viewpoint of an author. Even though it make sense
  • Too much authors opinion presented as fact

    By GiuliaNYC
    Earlier on I could see that the author was presenting his version and interpretation of the history, as opposed to actually presenting anything new or factual.
  • Sapiens addresses some final points

    By I Rarely Rate
    This book helped to better understand, clarify and articulate my view on the (non) existence of a soul, of the precious wonder of our brains. His writing is like a magic mushroom in terms of getting us to think outside the box and with an historical perspective. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
  • A must

    By Geno Leser
    Want to be literate in the humanities? Want the capsule version of man’s history? Get this book.