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  • Wow...

    By Japery huskiesjkk
    Relentless is not for everyone, but it should be!
  • Review by Perv01

    By Perv01
    Great Book!!! Takes you inside the mindset of the world best basketball players and Business Guru’s. This Book gives all the instincts and thought process needed to get you to the top of your game. This Book gives you of full detail plan on how to be UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Aggressively awakening

    By Goose Gonzalez
    This book tends to awaken inner beasts that need the truth. It’s helped me confirm my self confidence & release my self doubt. If they can, why can’t I? And to that extent, I’ll do it better.
  • Relentless!

    By Brandon J. Rivera
    Amazing Mindset Coach, I loved Kobe and I really got to see what his mindset was like in detail through Tim. What a well written book! Be relentless! I will be in the NBA in 2026
  • Recommend this book

    By Haateiho
    Must check this book out.
  • Exactly what I needed for before launching my business!

    By Gaylon Hughes Jr.
    Tim Grover does a great job by indirectly telling you how to transform your mindset to the same ideals and values that the greats instilled into their every day lives. I’ve read this book twice in one week and it has pushed me to another tier of “doing” that I didn’t think I was capable of. Tim Grover, thank you for everythung sir!
  • Awesome

    By zay4536467855
    Great book worth the read
  • Yawn

    By Joe DeLucia
    If you want a couple hundred pages of a guy bragging about himself, without laying out any real information, then this is the book for you! I’m not sure if his memory is bad or what, but he uses the same stories about the same 3 guys over and over.
  • Simply Great

    By Sky_y3
    You’d be doing yourself a disservice by not reading this book. I’m not as much of an avid reader as I’d like to be, I mostly consume much of my daily. Intake of motivational and introspective ideological information from places such as forums, YouTube and the likes. However, this book or rather this 2-300 page long dogma will change your life completely if you truly adhere to its guidelines. No wonder Kobe was so committed because he saw things in himself that no one else’s could, manifested it and brought it to the forefront for everyone to see, and each and every last one of you can achieve much of the same maybe not in basketball specifically (who knows) but In any one of your respective fields of work. These rules can also apply to things outside of jobs like dating, hobbies, ambitions, dreams, goals, etc. TLDR; This book is a must read for dreamers, procrastinators and those who long to physically and mentally improve themselves in almost every facet of life.
  • No actual meat

    By KTVT99
    No real substance to this book. Unless you want to know why Kobe or MJ were the best athletes ever to play the game (not disputing that claim), there’s no real value to draw from this read. Pretty disappointed.