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  • Long Winded

    By greenstart
    Basically I love historical books and delve into them with passion. I loved Devil in the White City, full of interesting details about a city I truly love. Dead Wake was so full of non essential people and their names, I could not keep track. So much minutiae that my brain glazed over. I was so ready to see the boat sink and put an end to the over winded dialogue. Sorry Erik, you are a great writer, but this book could have been at least a third shorter.
  • Spellbinding

    By uber must not need money
    This doesn’t read as some dusty essay. You can tell the author did exhaustive research and really brings the people to life retelling this tragedy. I read the entire book in 2 days and it was hard to put down
  • Dead Wake

    By JoeorCB
    Loved the book! Never wanted to put it down.
  • Well told and I learned a lot

    By Conlippert
    Great writing and although everyone knows the ending the book keeps your interest. Personal stories from the survivors and perpetrators included.
  • Highly recommend

    By Pilgrim80
    Great pace and just the right amount of detail. The sinking of the Lusitania had been just another detail of US History; this book provided so much useful backstory. This is a fast and engaging read.
  • Excellent read.

    By Jerrickh
    Another meticulous and captivating read from one of the best authors in this genre. If you liked devil in the white city, read this. If you haven't read either - read both.
  • Dead wake

    By Lazen$$&
    Good read
  • I can't wait for his next book.

    By Coto jeff
    Like all of his previous books, Dead Wake keeps you turning pages way past normal sleeping time. Many new facts come to life that I had never heard or read. I can not wait to see what his next subject(s) will be.
  • A must read

    By Terapintpaf
    Not being a non-fiction fan I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.
  • Dead Wake

    By 179Ted
    One of the most special characters was Captain Turner. I found him , at time being written as very rough and unfriendly, as a very warm and brave person. I feel that in the 18 minutes, of the sinking, that with his orders and calmness , in this terrifying situation, saved many lives. I was not surprised by the actions of the Admiralty. They were, as are officials, in the United States, really trying to cover their own huge mistakes. As a history and government major, I found this book , very accurate and historically correct. I fully annoyed reading this work. I truthfully found it difficult to lay it down. I wanted to continue really without stopping. I found Eric Larson,to be an excellent writer and look forward to read his other works